Friday, 20 April 2018

Gal Dangit!

I have this... shoulder thing going on.  My kinesiologist type trainer person says I shouldn't call it an "injury" but I have no idea what else to call it.  My shoulder's been messed for months now... probably six. 

I don't remember a specific thing happening... as in, I didn't lift a car off of a child and then go OW, that hurt my shoulder!  I do remember some pings during training (screw you pushups) sessions and then noticing a restriction of motion and then being unable to lie, read or sleep on that side and so on. So.. yeah, I have this shoulder... thing.

I started having people work on it a few months in since it wasn't just going away and so now it's not worse.... but it's still not good and no one has been able to put a clear diagnosis on it.

I mention it, because this morning, one of the most frustrating things about it happened.  And that is, me, in bed, rolling over for a "few more minutes" and something about the movement messes up the shoulder and so I'm in immense pain, from doing nothing.  Like, really?  I rolled over to keep being asleep... what?

So yeah, bizarre, unasked for, seemingly unearned shoulder stuff sucks.  Especially when all I did was try to sleep for five more minutes.

Come on body, we're in this together!

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