Saturday, 21 April 2018

Well That Didn't Help!

A while back, Mazda informed me that there was some sort of safety recall on my vroom vroom.

It had to do with the... uh... seat fasteners?  Like, the part that fastens the seats to the bottom of the car?  I dunno... but I dutifully took it in and had them fix the whatever.  Done.

Except now I can't see.

Ok, that's a little bit of an exaggeration, but the "fix" they put in raised my seat just enough that I have a really quite severely reduced field of vision... or whatever the term is.

Now, the side.. uh... thing, where the windows meet?  (There's an airbag in there apparently) blocks things ALL the time, and more importantly, my rear view mirror blocks cars at certain angles.  As in, there's a four way stop near Jason's place and the street to my right is at a slight angle/incline and I missed seeing cars there a few times before I realized... damn... my car is now blocking my view of a lot of things. 

I also noticed that if I lean towards the side, I almost hit my head on the roof, so either I grew a good few inches (I wish!) or this "fix" of theirs changed the height of my seat a fair bit... and also reduced my visibility.

It's something I clearly have to get used to (no, there's no way to lower my seat) and be more aware of but it's also pretty frustrating and more than a little disappointing.  But hopefully the whatever they fixed is all better now.



Jason Langlois said...

You don't have some way to lower your seat? When I lend my car to a friend, she always pumps my seat up so high I have the same problems you're having, until I remember to make it go down.

Victoria said...

No, there are ways to adjust the back support, or the forward/back, but not the up/down... gah.

Jason Langlois said...

Gah is right then... I can only imagine how 'off' you must feel in the car. But you will overcome!

Victoria said...

Gotta hope so!