Saturday, 2 June 2018

Don't Just Leave Them There

Have you ever picked rocks out of your tires?

It's strangely soothing.  At least I found it to be.

If you remember, I got some skookum new tires a few months ago when the dealership told me mine weren't awesomely safe to drive on anymore.

It was out of my budget, but I want to be safe in my little ball of metal, so buy them I did. 

Jason pointed out when he borrowed my car the other week, that there were a lot of rocks in the tires, likely from our camping trip the other month.  I said oh, ok and mentioned that with my old tires, I'd pick them out with my key when I saw them, but never really thought much about it.

He said it was better for the tires if I took them out (and would reduce road noise) and that I shouldn't use my keys in case they bent, so I found a little flathead screwdriver and went out to pick stones out of my tires.

First of all, it's kind of satisfying!  Second of all, there are SO MANY more stones in the back tires than front.  I'm not entirely sure why, but it's a thing.  Third of all... I realized part way through that I shouldn't just leave the stones sitting there, duh, or else I'd just drive back over them every time I came in or out of my parking space!

So now there's a nice little collection of small stones/rocks back behind where I park (and where no one can drive over them) and I look forward to seeing how large I can grow the pile over the years!

So yeah, pick rocks out of your tires... it's fun.  And then make a rock pile you can't drive over!


Jonathan said...

I've never picked rocks out of my tyres - and now I'm wondering if there are any...

Victoria said...

I kind of have always flicked one out here or there because I noticed it, but I never stopped to do a whole wheel!

And these are big tread tires, so probably pick up more than some.