Thursday, 14 June 2018


One of my avocado seeds (attempt number three) is looking like it's alive!!!

The first one I ever tried with is still.... doing not much... the top of it has cracked but that's about it.  The second one I tried did nothing at all so it got composted.  And now this third one, it cracked significantly along the bottom, and now there's a... shoot (?) starting to make its way down the crack.

I may give up on the first one (but I'm still holding my breath on it for now!) and I do have another avocado in the wings (which reminds me, that probably needs to be eaten soon).

But yeah, I might have a functional seed, WOO HOOO!


Jason Langlois said...

You must feel like Dr. Frankenstein!

Victoria said...

More like (insert name of miraculous gardener here)!