Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Blown Away

Jason and I popped over to Saltspring Island this weekend for an errand he had to run.  He'd not been before, so we were going to pop in to see his friend/errand and then do a few touristy things  (yes, in the heat, but with an air conditioned vehicle WOO HOO!)

I don't think I talked about it here, but I know I mentioned it to Jason... but a while ago I had a very intense dream involving a campsite and possibly a road trip to Burning Man.

And when we pulled into the place we were visiting this weekend?  It was the place from my dream.

100% not kidding.

And I'm not talking "oh, it reminds me of that dream", I'm talking it was the place.

I'm wracking my brain to see if there is any reason I would ever ever have been there before, but I can't find one.  I've not been to that Island that many times, and have never camped there before (I'm pretty sure I've only ever stayed at friends' houses over there) and I have no idea what or why or how my brain did it.

But man oh man what a weird feeling.  Not even deja vu, just "this is the exact place I had that dream."


Anne Roy said...


Might you have seen a photo of it somewhere? Then when seeing it 'in the flesh' the historic photo glance would have emerged ...

Cdn Anne in England

Victoria said...

I can't imagine where! I googled the place to see what images they had online but nothing that looked like much at all. I have to hope there's a logical answer that I've just forgotten ;)

Jason Langlois said...

It's weird how our brains work.