Wednesday, 1 August 2018

I Don't Even Play One On TV

I am not a doctor.  So when I talk about my health, I do not mean to say anything other than "this is what happened with me" or "this is what did/didn't work for me."  I mean, that goes for anything I write, really, other than perhaps some basics (BE NICE! DRINK WATER!)

I am hesitant to talk about my experiences with my mental health not only because it is such a sensitive subject but because I do not want anyone to think they should take anything I say as advice.  If you are struggling in some way, seek help.  That's all the advice I really have.  The rest is just me talking.  Sharing.  Venting.  Letting it out.

I don't want to dive too deeply into it but I will just say that yes, I have tried pharmaceutical medications and they did not work for me.  Alternative routes have (yoga, acupuncture, etc.) but they are not "mainstream" or particularly well accepted.  And, I'll be honest, they are not cheap.  Or covered by my extended health coverage. 

Healthcare in general can be pretty cookie cutter.  There are reasons for that.  If your leg is broken, there is fairly standard treatment for that... although even then I bet we could debate physical therapy and bone healing methods... and so on and so on.  Illnesses that are less "simple" are even more complicated and complex to treat.  What works for one may not work for another.  So it goes with mental/emotional health.  There are standards and protocols and the medical model has a fairly specific approach to mental health but even then... so many options/varieties/choices.  Even when it comes to counselling or therapy, there are different approaches and different reasons why which may or may not work better for person X, Y or Z.  And then each practitioner is slightly different in their personality, training, beliefs, and the list goes on.  It can be overwhelming.  (As with all illnesses.)

One of the reasons I haven't talked a lot with ANYONE about my health this last while is that I don't want their advice.  It is so well meant, but I find it overwhelming.  Well, that's almost a funny statement in itself... because really, with anxiety like this... everything is overwhelming.  (sigh)

But I'm babbling somewhat just to say, just because something did or didn't work for me doesn't mean you should or shouldn't try it.  This may be "Advice From A Single Girl" but I'm so not giving out health advice.  Nope, nuh uh, no Sirrie. 

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