Thursday, 11 October 2018

Oh Man...

I'm sorry y'all.  I know I've been far less than anywhere near consistent here of late.  Or for a while, really.  It's partly habit, or lack thereof, but it's mainly just life.  My life.  And not knowing where to start.  Or what to say.

This month, so far, has been kicking my butt.  Significantly so.

Which is almost funny to say after the last couple of years. 

Rumour has it I'm coping and pretty well at that, but it does not feel anywhere or anything like that.  Not at all.

I could use a break.  Most especially a positive financial one, but relying on a lottery win is not really a solid game plan.  You know?

I'm trying to get myself back to the writing routine I used to have but even on the days when I try I often am stumped as to what I might say.  Or what I feel I can say.  And then some days I'm just too upset/stressed/out of it to write.  And yeah, some days I just need to give myself a break.

But hey, they're going to mess with the daylight thing again soon eh?  That should give me at least the usual complaining to do.

So... yay?

Except... no.  Can we already vote that thing away?

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