Monday, 3 December 2018


My lightbulb "blew up" the other night.  It did that thing where you turn it on as usual and there's a POP and it goes dark.  You know?  And then you wonder if you have extra electricity in your finger that caused it to go and what will you do with that super power now eh?

So.. anyway, I replaced it with another bulb and it seems this bulb has a rather frustrating idiosyncracy.

It... pings.  Not immediately after it's turned off, but I figure once the glass has cooled enough.  Unforunatey, that ping seems to happen *right* as I'm about to totally just fall asleep and then PING and BAM I'm back to fully awake.


Maybe now that I've written about it it will stop, but if it doesn't, I may have to replace that bulb cuz man, it's no fun being ping-ed awake.

(Or maybe it's more of a ting?)

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