Wednesday, 5 December 2018


I wonder what my "life" would look like if someone was writing it?

Like, I often feel inferior to characters on shows who are so... whatever it may be, witty, clever, fast thinking, well spoken, interesting, etc etc and then I have to remind myself they're written.  As in... someone is taking time and writing out that wit, interest, thought, etc.

So, maybe I'd also be super (insert thing here) if I was a written character. 

Now, who shall I get to write my life?


Elliott said...

Pretty sure you're a super writer. And your photography skills are pretty damn up there.

I'm sure there are many other things that others think you're great at that you don't. I think we all struggle with that issue. Especially if one tends toward navel-gazing...

Victoria said...

Fair enough, I just wish then that I could write.... in my head fast enough to be like, super cool! ;)

Thanks :)