Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Have You?

You know that thing they do in the movies where they're having a nightmare and they sit BOLT UPRIGHT when waking up from said nightmare?  Have you ever actually done that?

What about demurely covering yourself with the sheet (that apparently has no comforter or blanket over it or isn't tucked in) to make your way sheepishly to the bedroom?

Ever woken up with perfect hair, smiling?  (That one might be a bit more normal for morning people...)

But really.. the nightmare one... ?


Elliott said...

Nightmare one...not sure if it was completely upright, but have certainly awoke with a start. I remember sitting somewhat up to look around and be sure it was only a nightmare.

Covering myself? Nah, why bother?

Perfect hair and smiling...smiling maybe, but not a chance on the hair.

Victoria said...

I feel like all movies/tv shows they only ever wake up from a bad dream by sitting upright (usually directly into the camera!) so... we must be doing it wrong.

And yeah, why bother?

Hair? Probably not here either ;)

Jason Langlois said...

I've done a "startled awake" move, but never quite to the full sit up position. More just getting the head off the pillow, open eyes and confirm I'm just in my room and try to calm down move.

Never done the sheet move.

And given I usually get my hair cut really short, "bed head" isn't a problem.

Victoria said...

Fair enough ;)