Saturday, 12 January 2019

Oh Boy

Ok, so, here's the thing...

Uh, my brother just kinda barely avoided a heart attack a few days ago. 

Which is a not all that overly dramatic way of saying he was having chest pain, went in to get it looked at and turns out he needed some interventions.

It's been a shock to us all, and my stress and anxiety have gone sky high.  I went in for a battery of tests myself and my cholesterol is slightly elevated as well as a couple of other things I'll go over with my doctor.

I'm somewhere between being in shock and totally freaking out.  And while things could have gone a lot worse for my brother and we're all very happy he went in when he did (more people should do this!) it was still a shock and quite upsetting.

So my plans to "write more posts in a couple of days" just did not happen, obviously, and I'm still processing things and having some pretty rough moments.

I don't really want to babble his private health information out so I'll just say it's good.  Could have been very bad.  Isn't. 

And now I have a lot of things to figure out how to deal with on top of the other things I was figuring out how to deal with but just so you know I'm sort of messy right now.  Like, kind of extra a mess.  You know?

But everyone's ok in that way where you put it in quotations.  We're "OK". 


Jason Langlois said...

I've waited few days on this, hoping something would occur to me to say better than this, but no luck.

I'm glad everyone is "OK", and sincerely hope the parts that are not OK swiftly shift over to a truly OK state.

More of this kind of stress and mess is not what you need, so I'm trying my best to put out good thoughts your way.

Elliott said...

I really hope everyone is ok. That type of thing is certainly scary and stressful. I hope both you and your brother get the best medical help possible and you're both ok.

Victoria said...

Everyone is ok enough. Not great, but not, you know, dead. Brother is following up with specialists and I'm looking for referrals and whatnot.

Thanks. Life is just... so... life-y sometimes, you know?

Elliott said...

I know exactly what you mean about life. My dad is having two valves replaced and one repaired tomorrow. Going to be a long few days...

Victoria said...

Oh boy Elliott... big hugs. Hang in there, that's a tough one!!!