Monday, 8 April 2019

New And Improved

So a while ago they put in new windows for our building.  We were all a bit sad to hear they were doing this as it's an older building and the windows had that "olden" appeal. 

I was nervous of the new windows going in but y'all?  They are SO AWESOME!!!

It's delightful to hear my neighbours talking to each other about the awesome new windows and we all say the same thing "aren't they wonderful?!"

Because, yes, they are.  They reduce outside noise greatly.  They will, I'm sure, mean better heat protection or whatever the proper term is for it'll be warmer when it's cold and cooler when it's hot.  They lift with the touch of a finger, rather than occasionally needing to be yanked on with all your strength, or not opening at all if overly wet or something (they were wood, and very very thin single paned.)  And, most exciting to me?  They come with build in, fitted bug screens!  EEEEEEE!

I mean, I had bought (and kept) old bug screens but they didn't completely fit and bugs were always getting in.  Maybe bugs will still get in in other ways but damn, these screens are so wonderful!

As if it wasn't enough to suddenly have a window that opens like a breeze, that has bug screen fittted completely perfectly, has double panes and, well, just really really works, I just learned something else wonderful about them this weekend.

So there was a big windstorm Saturday morning and Jason mentioned it to me in a text when I was awake.  "Wow, did you hear that wind?" And I said back to him that no, I hadn't... I guess I'd slept through it?

Which seemed odd to me as I'd actually woken up around 6:30 (to pee!) and then gone back to bed and that's when he said the wind was super noisy so I was wondering how I'd managed to fall so completely back asleep.

And then it hit me. 

The windows didn't rattle!  OMG THE WINDOWS DIDN'T RATTLE!

See, the old windows would rattle when you opened and shut them, but they would also rattle at any wind, most especially strong wind.  I would often have to get up and completely close my windows when a wind storm got strong enough to just make it impossible to sleep through.  I also had a couple of the store bought, ill fitting bug screens that would also rattle so I had thumb tacks positioned to try to stop that rattling on top of the window rattling.  So to have not even noticed a wind storm was something of a miracle!

I'm sure that I will notice wind storms and weather and all sorts of things but what a nice thing to not notice.... lovely to have a super functional modern window... even if it takes away a little bit of character. 


Jason Langlois said...

New windows are pretty sweet, especially with the bug screens. I wish I had those.

And character is over-rated, when it comes with increased heat costs, bugs, and rattling keeping you up all night.

Victoria said...

They're far less pretty but so much awesomer!