Friday, 26 April 2019

Tweee Twooo Wooo

A couple of weeks back I heard a robin sing somewhere past midnight.

Ok, that makes it sound like a bird was singing a song by that name.... I mean, birds don't usually make noise at night but this one was and it was after midnight!

I heard this bird again last night.  I wasn't having a good sleep so it was probably two or so in the morning and there was that robin singing.

I heard it off and on all morning and when I was home again I still heard it (I mean, I'm assuming it's the same bird!)

I googled and there's a suggestion that when birds sing at night it's because it's "too noisy" during the day for them... ugh.

So, yeah, I have a robin near me that is somehow disoriented and thinks the middle of the night is the time of day to flirt... or whatever.

Oh dear.


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