Wednesday, 24 April 2019

You Put The Lime In The Coconut

Ok, I feel like I have to explain the "lime and sea salt" thing!

See, I use this dish soap in a hand pump by my kitchen sink and in the uh... hand held cleaning wand thing?  (Does that make sense?)  Like, I don't use it in my dishwasher, but it's dish soap, so... yeah.  I do use it on dishes and hands and whatever I'm cleaning in the sink.

I use an "earth friendly" brand and I've been using their clementine flavour....ok, not flavour cuz I don't eat it but... you know what I mean... scent for a while. 

I'd been running low and always keep an eye out for when it's on sale and boom, it went on sale!

Now, on the other story line, my acupuncturist sometimes uses essential oils (scented oils?) during a session and a while ago she used one and I loved it and asked what it was and she said it was lime.  So I have a little thing of lime scented oil stuff that I sniff from time to time and it's just a nice scent!

Which is funny because lime juice doesn't do the same thing for me, but anyway...

So when I was going to buy more of this soap I saw the "lime and sea salt" and I thought "OOOOH LIME!  I'd LOVE to smell lime every time I washed something yay!"  And I figured the 'sea salt' portion was for grit.  You know, like some added cleaning power with a bit of salt thrown in there. So I bought it yay, lime!

I transferred it into the hand pump and cleaning wand thing and didn't think much of it.  And, apparently didn't think to give it a sniff as I just assumed (wrongly!) that it would smell like the lime essential oil stuff.


Fast forward to this weekend when I used it for the first time and gah.  GAH!

I mean, I'm sure there are folks who will/would love the scent, it's not awful per say so much as it is a scent I really don't like.

It doesn't smell lime-y and it doesn't smell salt-y it just smells... I don't know, actually.  But I really don't like it and so I will have to go get me some clementine and find someone who wants my not lime and not sea salt soap!

(It's lingering, I tells ya!)

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