Thursday, 23 May 2019

So Tired

Last night, in the middle of the night, in the middle of me being dead asleep, a car alarm went off.

Now usually when a car alarm goes off I might wake up, hear that it's far enough away and go back to sleep. 

This time, I woke up, and it took a while to process, but it was a very near car alarm.  As in, it might be MY car alarm.  Crud.

So it's 3 am and I was dead asleep so my thinking is not all that.... good.  But I look out the window and my car is not flashing, so it's not my car alarm.  But this doesn't actually register with my brain apparently (and the car alarm is super loud and super still going off) so I go into the hallway and grab my keys and I go to the window and I beep my car.  Because an alarm is going off.  But then I realize that I might have unlocked my car so I beep it locked.  But then I'm confused because I can't remember if I opened it or locked it and I don't actually want to make more beeping noises because there's already a lot of noise going off and hopefully I just locked my car?  But now my adrenaline is going and then the neighbour's car alarm gets shut off and I'm all aflutter but like, ok, I think my car is locked now???

I put the keys back and lie back down in bed and then I hear my neighbour come out so I get back up to peek out and he's, I guess checking to see why his alarm went off (which, geez, that didn't even occur to me! seriously...) and so I go back to bed but of course my body is all like WE WERE PANICKING BECAUSE WE WERE ASLEEP! and I was on like hyper alert to noises and I don't think I actually really slept at all the rest of the night and I just am so so tired.

I say no thank you to car alarms at three in the morning right outside.  No thank you!


Jason Langlois said...

Straight up have to wonder why car alarms exist, since all they seem to do is create confusion and annoyance.

I have to assume they must be working, but ugh.

Victoria said...

I assume that a thief tries to get in a car, the alarm goes WOO WOO and they run away. That's .... I think the theory. I do remember when car alarms first became a thing everyone would stop and look at the car, now it's kind of like UGH, ANNOYING, IGNORE...