Monday, 24 June 2019


Hey all!  Be a detective for/with me, would ya? 

You're only going to have the little info I give you and really I'm just making conversation, not actually anything all that important.

So starting last week or so, I noticed a humming when I go to bed.  I heard something similar last summer and I assumed it was an air conditioning unit, but this year, when the noise started, it was a cooler night, so I thought hmmm, ok, not an air conditioner then?

Where my bedroom is, I have a bedroom above me, a "living room" next to me and I think a bedroom below me (It was renovated when they reno-victed us so I've never been quite sure, just assuming... it used to be storage units, now we have none GAH! Ahem.)

I *think* the noise is happening during the day too, but it's harder to hear, most likely because there is more noise around during the day than at night.  Again, I'm assuming...

So I'm wondering if you have guesses as to what it might be making this humming!?

Knowing that I'm pretty sensitive to noise....  (Like, when I'm hanging at Jason's, if his amplifier is "on", the noise can drive me nuts... but this is much much louder than that.) And this has NOT gone on all year, it's a new noise, but possibly the same or similar to one that came up last year.

Most likely an air.. something or other... purifier?  Filter?  Conditioner?  Something that's maybe run all day and I just notice it most of all in the quiet of night?  Possibly something only to do with summer months?  I have no real, solid idea.

I looked at the windows on the same side as my bedroom window and so far no air conditioning units sticking out (which I assume they "have" to be?  could be wrong...)


Jason Langlois said...

Fridge maybe?

Also, did you see there's a slim chance we might stay on DST year round if we can convince the government?

Victoria said...

I DID SEE THAT!!!! I was trying to decide if I should share it here ;)

No, not fridge.... it just started up a few weeks ago, and I assume the kitchens of other apartments aren't near my bedroom

Jason Langlois said...

But what if a neighbour has put a snack fridge in the bedroom and is living the dream of just having to roll over to grab food to eat in bed?

Victoria said...

You know, I was thinking about the fridge option, I suppose their kitchen could back onto my bedroom (in theory?) and maybe they just over-stuffed their fridge and it's super loud? But like... it's super loud for a fridge... and never ever stops humming (which I know my fridge is fairly quiet and goes off from time to time...