Tuesday, 25 June 2019


Yesterday I ran afoul of a stomach badness.

I would say "a stomach bug" but I'm pretty sure I did it to myself, so.... you know.  Ow.

Last week was a rough week.  We had a sadness happen in our town and it hit a lot of people really hard, myself included and I spent a lot of the weekend crying and crying; overwhelmed by all the sadness and hurting and the not so great things that go on in the world from day to day and time to time.

On Sunday, Jason asked if I wanted to hang out.  His roomies were out of town which meant we could just hang out and I wouldn't have to socialize (as I wasn't in the mood or headspace for that at all.) 

I knew I was being bad, but I suppose I emotionally didn't care, and so I bought junk food.... gluten-filled junk food.... comfort junk food like cupcakes and pie and Jason made us a brunch with english muffins and I sort of said "hey, screw it" and ate all the gluten and I didn't even take my "maybe it works, maybe it doesn't?" gluten helping pill I just ate it all.

And as we had dinner Sunday night, and a cupcake for dessert, I started to feel not so great.  "Hmmm, that was probably the cupcake" I thought to myself.  So I only took ONE home.


I was super nauseated in bed Sunday night but managed to get myself to sleep and then I didn't think anything of it yesterday morning and hey, there's a cupcake in my fridge, I'm going to have that for breakfast YAY!  Except then not yay.  Not yay at all and then it was a matter of hopefully keeping down the stomach meds (painful success) and then dealing with trying not to vomit all day, and then pain and cramps and just like not fun.  "Stomach badness"

I really only have myself to blame.  And sure, maybe some of you are kindly wanting to say hey, no, sounds like you caught a bug or something and sure, maybe, maybe I did?  But until I have had no gluten at all in my poor tummy, I can't really say if it was "a bug" or just my body going uh you know this stuff makes us really sick right?  (What I'm saying is that if I had had NO gluten at all on Sunday and still felt that ill I could say it was a bug or something in the other food....)

So, yeah, as much as I oh so totally do actually love gluten.... I think I may have caused myself a great amount of pain, discomfort and nausea from said love.

Le sigh.

Why'd it gotta be in so many things I love?


Jason Langlois said...

I hope it passes soon. It sucks when your comfort foods punish you. :(

Victoria said...

Most of them do.... *sad sigh*