Monday, 3 June 2019

Hermit Accomplishments

We're in June now and that means the start of ALL THE THINGS season.  There were a ton of events this weekend and even some that I've gone to before but that totally sprung up on me this year and plus I just kind of wanted to take care of myself and not do much, you know?

So I didn't.  I didn't GO anywhere and I didn't DO anything.  Not outside of the house, anyway.

I mean, I dusted and vacuumed/swept and I cleaned baseboards and wiped them down... not everywhere but the places that really needed it.  I tidied, I dishwashered (made that word up!) and, well, that's more than enough for a quiet weekend.

So it's this funny feeling of like "I didn't do anything this weekend" but I also kind of did.  Just... not outside of my own space.

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