Tuesday, 4 June 2019


I thought of something the other night (and then fell asleep and forgot about it for a couple of days) (Oh, and by the way I am typing this with a giant band-aid on my finger from a tin can papercut and I can't seem to get "t" without also hitting "g" so argh).

I realized that while I maybe can't speed up my flickr process (of reducing/saving photos) maybe I CAN put photos back up on the blog!

I would be repeating already used photos but I'm not sure anyone would complain about that, so it was probably just me not wanting to that was the issue.

So yeah... I was lying there trying to fall asleep and some part of my brain went "hey, why not just re use the photos you're taking down from flickr"?  Like, yeah.... why not?  Because someone might be upset that they saw that photo already?  Hmmm... well that's maybe not even something that would happen so... hey, maybe if I want photos for pretty making, I can use old ones on repeat!

I might just do that.  You can send a letter to management if you need to complain.


Anonymous said...

no complaints to the management from me, I love your photos and really miss them so yes! to prettying up your posts and my memory is terrible so they will all be new to me haha

Victoria said...

Well yay :D

Jason Langlois said...

Any of your photos, repeats or not, would be lovely to see.

Victoria said...

*thumbs up emoji* ;)