Wednesday, 28 August 2019


Just when I was starting to think Summer was over, we're going to have another hot one today.  It's early and already warm.  I guess it'll be "full keep things cool" protocols today!

I was out last evening and the air temperature was lovely.  And then I came back into my apartment and the air temperature was not at all lovely!  Which reminds me... I have a thermometer thing around here somewhere... wait, are 'thermometers' the things for when you're sick?  What do you call the regular temperature ones?  Same?  ERMAGHERD it's too early in the day for my brain to think!


Jason Langlois said...

Stay hydrated!

And I think it is a thermometer.

Victoria said...

I think it is too but man oh man at whatever o'clock I was writing that it seemed like totally the wrong word ;) And I'm trying with the hydrated! You too!!