Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Ai, Yi, Yi

I'm about to whine in this post, and ordinarily I just wouldn't bother typing right now and would wait until I was in a better mood/mindset but I didn't get any posts ready this weekend and so I figured I'd type out a whiny post rather than no post at all.... sorry?

My stomach is picky.  Or.  No.  My stomach is sensitive?  Or something?  And I've tried to explain to people that it's really not much fun when it does... what it's currently doing this morning.

Which is become nauseated for what seems like no good reason to me!

I've mentioned to Jason that sometimes drinking water will upset my stomach, so that when he's like "pound back that water!" sometimes I just actually can't.  Because I'll get nauseated.  (It's super frustrating)

So this morning, imagine my "ugh" when I finished breakfast and went to brush my teeth and then ... upset stomach.

Like... did toothpaste that I did not swallow just make me slightly nauseated???

I figure most would say it was more likely the tea or the food (even though I had the exact same thing yesterday!) but I was totally fine until I went to brush and then... not so fine.

It's been a while (half an hour?) and I think it's starting to calm down a bit (and no, I didn't take anything because I'd just brushed my teeth and it seemed ... wasteful or something?) but yeah, that's my whine.  My stomach sometimes gets upset and makes me feel pretty icky and sometimes those upsets feel really unfair and are seemingly from things I don't think should be triggering any upset.  Or, more accurately, they don't always trigger an upset so it's not like I can knowingly avoid them.  And yes, it's more likely to happen in the morning (although the weird water one happens sort of randomly too) which is yet another reason I'm not always the happiest morning person, you know?

Le sigh.  Whine over...for now.  I gotta go rub my poor belly and take some Gaviscon or something.  *grumbles... mint's supposed to make a tummy feel better... not make it upest!*

(Oh, and yes, I'm aware of the gut/mood connection and it's something I totally take into consideration but sometimes I just need to deal with the ouch)


Jason Langlois said...

Our bodies are weird, and I'm not a fan of how they betray our trust as we get older.

Victoria said...

I'm trying to get my body on board to not keep weirding out in the next several decades!!!