Thursday, 5 September 2019


I wrote a post in bed last night as I was falling asleep and I think we all know that's never a good idea... not for anything you actually want to remember!

And when I say "I wrote" I, of course, don't mean that anything was actually put down on paper or computer, just that, you know, I thought about words.  In order.  Yup.

Anyway.  I did find myself wondering last night why I have no trouble falling asleep for a nap but sometimes falling asleep for... you know, sleep! isn't so easy.  And I wondered if it has something to do with the pressure.

Like, I had a delightful nap this weekend (I try not to nap much these days, for the "sleep hygiene" you know) and I just kind of... felt sleepy, curled up on couch and...zzzz... Lovely!

But then last night I was lying in bed.. feeling sleepy, curled up on my bed and... nope!

So is it maybe something to do with "I don't need to sleep, I just want to sleep" (nap) vs "I have to sleep because if I don't I will feel awful in the morning and it'll be a long night" (bedtime).

Not that I have this issue every night (knock on wood) but it did get me wondering.

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