Friday, 6 September 2019

An Instinctual Red Flag I Suppose

Do you know what I mean when I say that sometimes you're walking down the street (or whatever)
and someone is approaching and they just don't seem right.  Or they seem unsafe.  Like, some part of you throws up a red flag of "not ok, potential danger" or something?  Do you know that feeling/sense?

Well I was walking downtown the other day and I was walking past a church/cathedral thing and I saw a fellow crossing the street towards me and I just knew I didn't want to interact with them.  So I kept my head down (I usually have headphones in) and just kept walking.  This fellow in particular (thankfully, once I had passed him) started to shout, or yell, I'm not really sure of the technical difference there, but anyway he started to yell/shout about how THIS was the place where they held little boys down and (he used more explicit language than I'm willing to share) did horrible things to then.  And he went on to say this a few times and how this is where they did it to him and I just kept walking, head down.

There are usually a person or two when I walk in the downtown sort of area that I don't feel comfortable with.  And it's not an anxiety thing and it's not a paranoia thing I really just do think it's instinct and being smart.

And it's sad that things are how they are...

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