Friday, 27 September 2019

Oh My!

Oh my goodness y'all, I do NOT know what came over me but I did a thing... without even really thinking!

I went for a walk with my friend along the waterfront and this guy on a skateboard skated past us and then (I assume) his dog came running past too, frisbee in mouth (the dog, not the guy!) and when we turned the corner the skater guy (around our/my age) was sitting on a bench and you guys?  He was so good looking!

Like... SO.

And as we walked by him, before I could even stop myself I turned to him and said, yes, out loud! "you are incredibly good looking" and I made that weird little heart thing you do with your fingers (that I've only ever really done as a joke, OMG) and he looked up (with his gorgeousness) and said, "who me?", and I pointed, and nodded and said, "yes, you!" (because the friend I was walking with is also another good looking guy and I pointed so that non-friend hottie knew I meant him) and the skater guy smiled this huge smile and said "wow, hey, cool, thanks, that totally made my day, I needed to hear that!" and my friend and I just kept walking and my friend started laughing and I was like I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT JUST HAPPENED I JUST HAD TO OH MAN! and well, yeah... that was a really good looking guy.

Happy sigh.