Wednesday, 30 October 2019


You know how they say never shop while you're hungry?  Yeah, well, I say never blog while you're angry.  But, y'all?  I am angry.

I am angry that I feel helpless to make a person stop trying to steal things from me and my neighbours.  I am angry that my building management just shrugged it off as "nothing we can do", when I feel there are steps they COULD take and it seems they don't care to. 

I am angry at what the news and my digital feed keeps telling me about the world and that I also can't "fix" any of that, and I am angry at how angry people are about what's going on and how "they" are making it worse. 

I am angry that people I care about aren't well and how unfair it feels.

And I am angry that I don't have the life I thought I would or that I think I would like to have.

And I am angry that money seems to matter for so many things while simultaneously being a lot of the problem with so many things.


I don't like feeling angry.  It makes me ... angry.


Jason Langlois said...

It can be a terrible spiral to get into. I suspect it's why we see so much Let-it-Go-type "inspirational" messages everywhere. There's just so much anger about all of this percolating, and no where to vent it.


Victoria said...


*hugs back*