Saturday, 19 October 2019


I don't talk politics.  Not here, not on social media, and only rarely with friends (never family... I  learned that the hard way.)

But I will, sometimes talk voting, and elections.  Because I think it's important to vote. 

I can't remember the last federal election if I got as many phone calls (three so far) and knocks on the door (one) as I have this time.  Which, if I'm honest, makes me nervous and uncomfortable.  Of COURSE I want this election to go a certain way, or at least I want it to NOT go a certain way... as most people do.  And I think because of all the things going on in the States right now this is an election I actually feel nervous about.  Which is an icky feeling.  But hey, my anxiety is pretty high these days with all that's going on (course, life, etc.)

So... if you're Canadian, and didn't vote in advance polling, please remember to vote on Monday.  We're lucky to live in a country where we can, and it's disappointing when our turnout is low, so... vote.  Please.  And if you already have, good job!

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