Friday, 18 October 2019

Brrrrrr.... Again

Last week was cold.

And for those of you who've been around a while, you can probably guess what that meant... No heat in my building!  YAY!  FUN!  Not.

I kept thinking it was just my radiators, but at some point at the end of the week a neighbour texted me and it turns out that no, we were all freezing.  Seems the heating people had been by a few times and just had to keep turning the boiler up.  According to my neighbour the guy said he had to turn it up to a "ridiculous" heat, but at this point, I've been warm for a few days so... sorry not sorry?!

I've lived here long enough to expect the boiler to have issues again this Winter.  Most likely during a very cold stretch.  I'm sort of used to that and don't mind so much when you know it's cold, but last week it was chilly outside, but not February cold, yet it was the coldest I can remember being inside this building.

Now when I come in, the hallways are even a decent temperature, so I'm hoping the boiler temp is working.

But yeah, last week was cold.  Especially for early October.

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