Friday, 1 November 2019

Just So You Know

Just so you know, in the very middle of the night when one has finally managed to fall asleep, the sound of firecrackers translate into "someone is opening a very large tarp"

So as I lay in bed last night, utterly exhausted and still almost asleep I figured the thief had come back, yet again, and was unwrapping a very large tarp to steal all sorts of things out of all our cars and to be honest?  I was far too tired to deal with it.  So I just lay there.  Not even having enough energy to roll over and check the time, I was just too tired.

And as I lay there going "well, there's nothing left of mine to steal out of the car anyway" I realized that it was probably firecrackers going off rather than a giant tarp and if it WAS a giant tarp hopefully someone else in the building got woken up too.  But probably firecrackers...

So I guess I went back to sleep?

Happy All Saint's Day (I think?) and hope you had a good Halloween and that I am not the only one a little confused as to how we got to be in November.

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