Monday, 4 November 2019


There is a lot going on for me right now but most of it is in the "do not talk about" area.

Like work stuff and more work stuff and other work-adjacent stuff.  And stuff going on for people close to me that they are not going public with so I can't either, and stuff to do with a committee I got on that literally involves an NDA so like... I HAS NOTHING!

Totally uninteresting (I think) but I bought a hygrometer for my place.

A hygrometer measures humidity.  I picked one up because I've been waking up with a super dry nose situation that led me to start thinking maybe my apartment was on the dry side, so I bought a thing and turns out it is.

It's not horrendously dry but it is on the dry side and so I'm seeing if I can do a few things to make it less so before I consider buying a humidifier.  I mean, I'm sure once the weather heads into the rainy season things will be less dry in general, but, we shall see.

So yeah... I gots nothing much I can talk about so, will see what unrelated blah blah I can come up with!


Jason Langlois said...

My apartment hovers around 24-29% humidity this time of year, so I sympathize with the dry nose. Only recommendation I'll make about a humidifier is try to keep it clean - those things attract the mildew.

And it sounds like you're keeping busy.

Victoria said...

Ouch! That's... dry!!! And yeah, I'm not rushing out to buy one in part because of the "ick" factor of cleanliness!