Tuesday, 26 November 2019

So Cute!

I know someone who is a birder, so as a hobby they watch birds, or look for birds or however it exactly works, but this person likes birds; especially owls.

They also have a little dog, and when I went over there the other day this person told me I had to see the cutest thing...

So someone bought them a fake owl.  Like it's not a stuffed taxidermy owl, but it's not a toy stuffed animal owl either, it's sort of in between.  So it's a fake owl, but it looks kind of real.

Real enough, apparently that some instinct in the little dog's brain has been set off!  I got to witness the dog sitting and staring at the owl, which was cute enough, but the owl had been put on a low shelf and the dog went over and sniffed it's butt!  It was so cute.  The dog seemed genuinely confused as to why there was no animal smell when this was clearly an animal!

Maybe you had to be there, but yeah.... cute.  (A little bit odd and interesting perhaps but still)

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