Thursday, 5 December 2019

To Take A Breath

My friend who was diagnosed with cancer has just let me know that some of their post surgery results came back with better news rather than the bad news.  (I know that doesn't quite make sense but you can't really say "good" news, so it's like... not bad bad, it's hopefully good and certainly gooder than the worst case... plus I may have had a little drink to celebrate so, whoops, sorry for the not making sense!)

I feel like I can maybe let out a breath that I've apparently been holding for a while now. 

And I'm sure my friend is feeling the same.  They said today that all the sleep they've not been having feels like it's suddenly all arriving at once.

So, keep not taking things for granted, ok? 



Jason Langlois said...

Glad there was better news. I'm hopefully it continues to be better news from here.

Victoria said...

Agreed :)

Elliott said...

Glad there was better news for your friend (and you).

I suddenly know this feeling very well. A friend of mine got the news of cancer late last week too. It was a real punch in the gut. They have follow-up appointments and likely surgery, and chemo, and radiation...and that disease can go f*ck itself.

Victoria said...

Oh Elliott, I'm so sorry, I wish I could help. :(