Friday, 20 December 2019

Today I Learned!

Today I learned that my door chain has been broken for a while, whoops!

I had loaned Jason my car overnight and he was bringing it back and I usually hear him parking and locking the car, but I didn't this time.  But I did hear him at the door, using the key to come in.  Usually when I hear him parking, I'll unlock the deadbolt and the chain thing, but this time I wasn't aware he'd shown up so I heard the key in the door and was like "Wait, wait, the chain!" and as I was running towards the door, the door opened and the chain fell out and I went "What???"

So, laughing, I said, well hi there, I guess I'm not as safe as I thought I was, and I tried putting the chain in and opening the door and POP, out it came again.  Oh dear!  Because, see, while I don't really expect burgalars to have a key, there have been times I've been, say, in the bath or something and someone (usually a tipsy upstairs neighbour) has tried my door, or the manager lady has come by with a worker and I always think "well, good thing I have the chain so that I can at least call out HANG ON when the chain stops them!"

Well, now... not so much!

I showed it to Jason and he pointed out the broken bit and I said I figured it'd been like that forever but that someone had "fixed" it with these plastic washers and I do remember a year or two ago some of the washers fell out and I just kind of shrugged, but now I realize they were "plugging" the hole and so, whoops!  Door's been less safe for a while!  (Although Jason did point out that any bad person who really wants in will not be stopped by a chain but that's not the point here!!!)

So, for now, I've stuffed the hole/break with an elastic band.  It's not pretty but it technically makes the chain work.  I'll probably just buy a new one or find something more permanent than the elastic band...  I thought last night about clay, like modelling clay or something but I don't really know.  It's more for my brain to feel safe than actual RAWR safety if you know what I mean?

Anyway... double check those safety features you assume work, eh? Better to find out they need fixed before you actually need them.  (Which reminds me, how are your fire extinguishers?!)


Jonathan said...

The bolt on our bathroom door has been broken for EVER (one of the kids locked themselves in, and I had to bust the door down) - you've just reminded me that I *really* need to fix it...

Victoria said...


I got myself locked in a bathroom when I was a kid, but the doors we had, the knobs had a thing you could poke with a paperclip or something to pop it open ;)