Thursday, 19 December 2019

Social Non-Norms

I don't like coffee.  I tried to, for a while, but I just don't like it.

And I don't like wine really much either, nor beer.

Those two are less sort of "everyone does it" things but the coffee one?  Yeah, I seem to be an odd person out on that one.

Do you have things that most like that you're not a fan of?  Are you a non coffee person too?

I had a friend in high school who didn't eat sweets.  Because she didn't like them!

I also shower at night and not in the morning. 


Jason Langlois said...

Can't do coffee either. Barely tolerate tea. For beers, I really only like lagers or pilsners, which here in Victoria makes me a "beer-wimp".

Shower in the morning, since otherwise I can't really wake up.

Elliott said...

No coffee. No beer. No wine. If I have a hot drink, it's hot chocolate. But mostly I don't drink warm beverages because I run hot and hot beverages make me uncomfortable.

Shower at night after hockey, but am a morning shower person.

Anonymous said...

I am that person too, never drink coffee (but love the smell of fresh ground coffee?) really no warm drinks. I have always liked diet coke) in the morning? I don't like wine or beer (bad memories from childhood)
I love fresh strawberries so good but cooked strawberries never including jam. Other fruits are fine cooked? I have been told this makes no sense.

Victoria said...

Look at us all! Sharing no coffee together :D

Jason, the few times I've gone to beer fest I go back and forth between Merridale cider and whoever has a "light fruit" beer ;)

Elliott, I would think showering after hockey would be a must! ;)

Brandi, "strawberry" jam is SO not the same flavour/taste/texture as strawberries, I get it! :D

Jonathan said...

I shower in the morning - mostly because if I don't, I feel grubby all day (apparently my body heat is about a million degrees, so I guess it gets rid of a night's worth of sweat).

My body hates lager and beer, even though I quite like the taste (I don't think we need any more details than that lol).

I used to love red wine, but now one glass will give me the headache from hell.

Bizarrely, I can drink coffee like water -the caffeine has little or no effect on me. People sometimes look on in wonder if I make a cup late at night - "won't it keep you awake?" - "nope" lol

Victoria said...

Funny, I have a friend who makes a dark dark dark cup of tea every night before bed and I have no idea how it doesn't keep her awake!