Tuesday, 14 January 2020


So, yeah, um, it snowed.

Which... super pretty of course.  I do love watching it fall.

But also, man, snow in this town is hard to deal with.  Mostly, in my view, because we don't get it enough for folks to be set up for it the way they kind of should be.

Like, I actually felt unsafe walking around yesterday because what snow fell overnight got either driven on (road) or walked on (sidewalk) and then that turned to ice.... because that's what happens most of the time with our snow falls.  And then there was a skiff of snow on top of that so it's like hidden black ice.  Which is frustrating to try to walk on.  But the people who salted or cleared their sidewalks make it totally fine... it's the icy parts that are difficult to deal with.

I've been lucky in that I've not needed to drive so far (we'll see how today and tonight goes) so that's a huge weight off, but when I was walking yesterday I actually felt like I might have been safer as the roads were pretty clear (for the most part) but the sidewalks were iffy. 

Anyway... I'm whining and complaining a little but it was one of those snowfalls... enough to be a bit of a bother, plus some melting and freezing to add that bonus ice that honestly does kind of suck.

I miss the days of giant dumpings that are just... snow snow and snow.  Those, combined with a couple of cold sunny days after are lovely.  But... still.  It's pretty, and likely short lived.  And rare.  Sorry if I sound extra whiny to those of you who deal with it for months at a time!  We just really suck at it in this town.... and I say that lovingly as someone who isn't "from" here... sigh.

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