Wednesday, 15 January 2020


So I'm typing this last night (and posting it this morning...) and as I'm typing this it's been snowing most of today and all of this evening.

I went out to take a look and enjoy it and I took a couple of phone photos and a video and then I walked down the street and saw some cool icicles on a car and the pretty snow in the light and the snow against a tree and I took photos of all of those things, my one hand out of my mittens and I stuck my phone back in my pocket when a snowflake landed right on the lens!

When I got inside to see how my photos had turned out, I was only slightly embarrassed to see I'd not taken a series of photos but a weird video of said icicle and then me grunting to stand back up and swinging the camera up at the light and back around at the tree and whoops!  Turns out I was on video that whole time!!!

So, um, yeah.... no icicle photos for me! Heh.

(Also I have no idea how much will have fallen overnight so by the time this post gets posted it might be a snow day, who knows.... although they're calling for rain today so probably not!)

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