Tuesday, 11 February 2020


The Sun came out this weekend, most notably on Saturday, and I feel like everyone took a giant sigh of relief.

Our January was dark and wet.  Broke records I believe.  There were floods, and other negative things, but I have hope that a wet Winter may bring us a smoke-free Summer so... no complaints from me.

But even I recognized the mood boost that sunny day brought.  I've said it before, but I really don't know if folks who live in stereotypically-always-sunny places feel the same way about sun.  For us?  It's glorious.

Everything feels better.  I know I'm happier, and I swear others are too.  People flock outdoors.  I mean, we're a pretty outdoor city anyway but on the sunny days it's crazy.  I had friends who were topless gardening, and lying outside (under blankets) just to soak in the rays.

I think I smiled a lot more as I was out there walking, soaking it in, literally.

We were meant to have a week of sun, but the forecast seems to have shifted... as they do, but here's hoping for another glorious sunny Winter day again soon!