Monday, 3 February 2020

Almost A Whoops

Yesterday morning my alarm went off and I was so asleep at the time and not wanting to get up that I rolled over and turned the damn thing off.

I remember thinking that I didn't *need* to get up early and that I really really wanted to stay asleep.

So I went back to sleep.  Ahhhh.  And then an hour or so later my alarm went off again!  What?

I was genuinely confused.  Very very confused.  And I hit snooze and stared at the time on the alarm and was still confused.  It was still early.  But... I'd turned my alarm off?  So why was it going off again?

I lay there for a while, in part to figure it out and in part because I remembered I did have to be up anyway, not that I would have slept through it but it might have made my getting ready more hassled.  And as I lay there sort of half waking up I realized I'd probably hit snooze rather than turning it off and that what felt like an hour was only nine minutes.

So... um.... whoops?  Almost?


Jason Langlois said...

I've done that a few times.

But I think the other way (turn off instead of hitting snooze) can be more 'exciting'. I've done that, and then woken up like an hour or so later and realized I'm late for work.


Victoria said...

Oh no!