Friday, 21 February 2020

Awwww Man!

So, first world non problem for sure, but a whole lot of bands/musicians that I really like and would really like to see have all announced tours for this year and put their tickets on sale this month.

And I?  Just can't afford it.

I've already bought tickets for James Taylor here in town, and to go see Roger Waters in Vancouver.  Now, a Vancouver trip means a lot more money, not just for the tickets, but for the travel and accommodations.  Sure, I could bug friends or family but I'd really not feel comfortable with that, so hotel it is, and man oh man that can get pricey, especially if you want to stay in the core and you're during the "season".


So, I'm saving up VISA points to pay for the Roger Waters travel stuff and I was like, ok, that'll be my splurge for this year.

And then.... Rage Against the Machine announced.  In Vancouver.  Damn.

I actually did try for tickets but couldn't justify the cost (knowing I am already going over for R.W.)  Bummed me out though, I'd like to see what they're like live...

And then?  Dave Matthews Band announced.  In Vancouver.  DOUBLE DAMN.

I've seen Dave Matthews solo and he was amazing, so I'm a little less disappointed, but still... if these folks were coming here I would for sure be going, damn the cost.  But I can't justify multiple ferry trips and overnight stays, and yes, I know there are ways to do it less expensively but I also am not 20 anymore (slept on the floor for a Vancouver concert once... shared a bed with friends another time... no more... well certainly not the floor part!  Ouch.)

So, yeah.  I'm really hoping that no one else I want to see announces a 2020 tour cuz I'm already tapped out, yo!


Happydog said...

Yeah I saw Nick Cave is doing a world tour and his last stop is Vancouver. But can’t justify the $$
Did have a momentary day dream of seeing him when he plays Paris! In the Spring! What a concert that would be. Sigh.

Victoria said...

Oh man!!!! Sigh.