Monday, 24 February 2020

Grump. Sigh.

It's Sunday morning as I type this and I have a blah.

I was woken around 5am by heavy rain and while I thought about just getting up then, I made an effort to sleep more, and unfortunately when I decided to get out of bed a few hours later, it seems some grumpiness had crept in.

I get frustrated at my own self sometimes, although I try not to... and so I'm sitting here irritated at my irritation.  Like, I feel annoyed at the things I have to do next week (this week) and it frustrates me that I can't *just* enjoy a Sunday with nothing to do.  And the things I have to do this week aren't all that bad and won't take up every moment of every day so why do they feel so imposing and grumpy making?

I suppose it could be in part that they're not really things I look forward to.  A visit to the doctor and a physio for example are both things that make me uncomfortable in different ways.  I can't even remember what the other things coming up this week are, just that my Sunday morning has started off with some sort of grumpy resentment that I have to do anything.  Which... you know, life?  Sigh.

I've often had a hard time on Sundays and I know I'm not the only one... but it's still hard to feel like an entire "day off" can be tainted by the "not days off" to come. 

This too shall pass, I have to assume, and I figure my Sunday will get better as it goes on.  The sun's coming up as I finish off this babbling, so that's nice, and I'll remind myself (ahem) that there may be a hormonal portion to the extra grumps today (I'm not a "pre" "PMS" person, I'm a "during" person... go figure)  So... onwards and upwards, or something like that and hey, maybe this physio will help fix my shoulder and I'll get better sleeps and that can only help my mood, so maybe yay?

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