Thursday, 13 February 2020

Gotta Laugh, To Keep Myself From Crying

So over the last couple of years both of my shoulders (more "arm", "upper arm" than the "shoulder ball", but shoulder is easier to say) have done gone brokend.

Right as I was finally getting some improvement with the right, the left went.  Slightly different area but generally the same thing.  It's major major pain when activated, and lack of ability to move in certain ways or do certain things.  (Physios are constantly mystified btw)  Including sleep.

As in... for a year or so, I was unable to lay on my right side.  And now, just to even things out, I'm sometimes unable to lay on my left side.  And sometimes said left side wakes me up in the middle of the night which omg no please stop.

Some nights are worse than others for reasons I've yet to figure out, and on Friday night I was ready for sleep, and I rolled over onto my left and nope, ouch!  So I rolled over onto my right and something in my back tweaked and it was like nope, ouch!  And then I started laughing.

I was laughing, in part, because it was Friday night so I knew I didn't have to "get up" the next morning (a Saturday) so getting to sleep wasn't as desperate as on a weekday but it was also like... really?  I can't... move at all?  I have to lie still and silent on my back to get any sleep, are you serious right now?

I must have fallen asleep eventually, and at some point my back must have eased up because I remember being on my right side but man... as if sleep isn't tricky enough sometimes, eh?


Jason Langlois said...

Ugh! Not being able to sleep on your side sounds awful. I can't do that - I have to be on my side. I've tried the laying on your back thing, and nope.

Victoria said...

GAH!!!!!! sigh.