Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Door Open

I have a little note pad on my table where I write down reminders of things I'd like to post about.  It's usually helpful but as I'm sure I've mentioned before, every once in a while..... not so much.

Like now. 

I reached over and grabbed the pad to find something to write about and looking over my notes I found "door open".

Door open.

Door open?

I have absolutely NO idea what I was talking about or what story that might be talking about.  Not a clue!

There was an open door?  The door was open?  Which door?  I've sat for a few minutes thinking.... my car door?  Did it get left open lately?  Nope.  My apartment door?  Nope.  Did someone open a door for me?  Maybe?  But if so, I have no idea who or where or why it was of note?

I'm not crossing it out (I cross out a reminder once I've written about it) because, well, I clearly haven't written about it and maybe some day "Door open" will make sense again!

I mean beyond the literal meanings of the words obviously....

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