Saturday, 21 March 2020

For Posterity


We've been asked to stay home.
People are being laid off.
Stores and businesses are closing.  Some possibly permanently.
The libraries are closed.
Events are postponed/cancelled.
We're not to gather in groups larger than... I'm not sure... 50?  Less?
Our border is closed to all but essential travel.
Schools are closed indefinitely.
Rec centers and gyms (and pools) are closed.
There are signs on the entry doors to my building saying STOP and talking about the illness and things. 
I drove somewhere today and the roads were far less busy.
The government is doing things to hopefully help.
People are reaching out to offer services online that are usually face to face.
Stores are opening early for the older and immune compromised to have some space.
People are recognizing the nurses and care workers and store clerks and so many more often more ignored jobs and roles.

This is scary.  This is terrifying (if I let myself go there).  This is... not something any of us have experience with in our lifetimes (that I know of or can think of).  This is new to all of us.  I have no idea what to do.  Many of us don't.

My country is closing down, my province is in a state of emergency.  I do not know what the coming days or weeks may bring.

We are hoping that social distancing will slow the spread of illness and therefore hopefully allow the medical system to cope... better?

This makes me think of a world-wide 9-11... that things may not ever be the same after that.

I can honestly say I never wanted to live through something like this, nor do I want to again.

I am trying to focus on the hope and the good and the fact that maybe we can all come out of this better, stronger, and more together.

The irony is that this makes me want to hug people even more... when we can't, or shouldn't.

We have no idea when this will end, or if it will, or if things will ease or change or be "ok".

I am scared.

I am trying to keep that aside and use the things I've been working on with my anxiety in general... towards this situation but it is really really hard right now.

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