Thursday, 12 March 2020


One of the things I did on a whim was start watching shows at the gym.

I don't know how I realized it but I discovered you can download a show onto the Netflix app on your phone, so I figured I'd give it a try.  Once I used up the show I'd been binging on, I downloaded one of those "Netflix recommends" shows that I wasn't all that interested in but figured I'd give it a try and worst case pick something new the next day.

Turns out I enjoyed this show but because I was "only allowed" to watch it at the gym, I would get home some nights and wish I could watch it but... nope, gym only!

Then I discovered some other shows by the same author/writer and so I started watching that at home.  And then the shows kind of started to muddle together a little because I watched a third, while still watching the first at the gym and they all were British and similar crime/drama type shows and for a little while my brain was like wait, I thought he was with her, no, that's the other show entirely, whoops!

Now Netflix is showing me all kinds of British crime type shows which I find kind of funny but I also don't mind as they're usually pretty well done.

But, yeah, having a "gym show" is kind of cool, and can help make the time go a bit faster, yay!


Jason Langlois said...

I was watching DEXTER that way for a while. British Crime Shows are fun, though. You can tell the maverick cop because they're the one who might smoke and occasionally yells at their coworkers.

My own weird streaming thing lately is to try and only watch 1 episode of a show a night. I'm finding when I binge, unless the show is amazing (THE GOOD PLACE or THE WITCHER come to mind), I see too many of the gears and wheels of the plotting and it takes me out of enjoying it.

Victoria said...

Binging is interesting that way, eh?

Some shows seem to do well with it, possibly they were written and filmed that way and others, you're right it kind of takes you out of it!