Friday, 13 March 2020

I Feel Betrayed

So, swim caps.

Until recently, I had never in my life worn a swim cap.

If I was swimming and getting my hair wet, it was often in a place where I was then sitting next to the water in the sun and letting my hair dry.  Or, when I was a kid, I probably just didn't care.  Or I would swim and avoid getting my hair wet because it's long and thick and washing it and drying it can be annoying.

Because I'm having shoulder issues (again, another post) I'm not swimming "for real".  But I am swimming on my back sometimes (without using arms) and so I wanted to keep my hair out of the water, so I used a swim cap that was given to me and my hair got wet and I was like dang, that must have been a cheap swim cap I was given, so I researched and bought one specifically for long hair and I wore it, and MY HAIR GOT WET!


I wondered if I'd screwed up somehow, and so when I got home I googled it and you guys?  Swim caps don't keep your hair dry.  I HAD NO IDEA!!!!

I mean, yes, I'm aware that people who swim for real wear swim caps for speed, but lord that is not me, so I genuinely thought that if you weren't going for streamlined speed, you were wearing one to keep your hair dry.  I WAS WRONG!

Google has since told me that other than for aerodynamic reasons, you wear a swim cap to keep your long hair out of the filters, and to let *less* chlorinated (or whatevered) water get to your hair but that yeah, no, not at all about keeping your hair dry.

I can not tell you how confused I was by this information.  Swim caps don't keep your damn hair dry y'all.

There are some days where I come out of a swim where, maybe because I put my bun up higher or something unknown to me, my hair is less damp than other days but yeah, most of the time I come out of a swim, having done some time on my back and I have a clump of wet hair up in a bun that then needs washed anyway and so to be honest, some days I find myself adjusting my hair washing schedule according to my potential swim schedule because I'm going to have to deal with my hair after a swim anyway!!!

But, yes, one of the other things I bought to support my swimming was a good swim cap.  Even though it doesn't do what I genuinely thought it was meant to do.

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