Saturday, 14 March 2020

Just A Day Or Two

I'm going to be honest with you.  The current state of the world and the health concerns that are happening have distracted me so entirely this week that I think I only barely noticed the time change.

The first day, the Sunday of the time change was brutal.  Jason even mentioned how poorly I was doing it as he saw me that morning.  I got up actually early (no real reason, I just was awake so got up) and it was of course way earlier than usual and my body just doesn't do well with that physically.  I won't detail the symptoms, but they happen any time I have to get up early (for a flight or an event or anything) and so yeah, Sunday was bad.

I've also had a few evenings of the dinner time confusion where my brain/stomach don't process how "late" it is because of how light out it is and well, that will just take time to get used to.  As always.

But yeah.  I'm struggling with managing my anxiety amidst all that's going on out there and so things have been tougher this week than in a while.

Hard to find a balance of cautious vs going on with life.  Like... I think I'm going to avoid the gym/pool for a while?  But I'm not happy about that.  And it could be over reactive or it could be smart and depending on whose opinion I ask I get a different story, so it sucks.

I'm stressed to think there may be a long while of this being what's going on and talked about and something I/we have to deal with.  The Doomsday scenarios that some are spouting are killing me, and I'm really going to have to try to figure out a way to get through all this sanity intact or else it's going to be beyond miserable.  I hate it.

But yeah.  Time change got a little bit overshadowed.  Er.... shrug?

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