Thursday, 30 April 2020

Sometimes It Drives Me Bonkers

I live in an older building.  And one of the things that they did not "update" when they did our "reno-viction" was the heating system, which for my apartment is a radiator system.

I've mentioned before my success at finally turning off the heat a couple of weeks back, but what I haven't mentioned is the noise...noises.  Sigh.

Whenever they (being plumbers) do something in the building to the water (or boiler?) system, it means air gets into the system and my radiators make noises.

I learned this the fourth or fifth time a plumber came in to deal with my noisy radiators and he said basically "we all know that in these old buildings when we do something to the system, we'll have to come bleed and deal with some radiators."

Well a few months ago we got a notice that our water was being shut off for repairs or something in one of the suites.  And, of course, my radiators started making "running water" noise after that.  But I didn't do anything.  Because I didn't feel like it at the time.  And then Covid hit and I no longer want someone coming into my place (unless it's an emergency) and, well, my radiators are still making noise.  The main/largest one is the one in my main room ("living room") and for the last week or so it has been sounding, I kid you not, like the bubbles a big water cooler bottle makes.

I mean, not all the time.  But enough that it's actually starting to drive me a little bonkers.

When I had the radiator on, it was making "running water" noises, but now the echo of this dripping that ends up being the water cooler BLOOP sound is... getting on my nerves.

I know I could call and ask for a plumber to come look at it and hopefully fix it but my anxiety really really doesn't want a stranger in my place right now.  And honestly, that's assuming they'll come out for something that's not an emergency.

Which means I'm considering trying to do something about it myself.  And I assume that would mean "bleeding" the radiator, which I've seen them do and also looked up online.  Do I think I can do it well?  Oh, heck no.  Do I currently have the tool for it?  Oh, heck no.  (Radiator key and water ... pan for catching water.)  Do I have any idea what I'd be doing?  NOPE!  But "trying to ignore it" only goes so well depending on the day and general sanity level so... I might actually be looking at buying myself a radiator key tool and, um... trying to do a thing.

Because BLOOP.



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