Monday, 13 April 2020

Well.... Ok.

So... that was a long weekend.  Apparently.  (Because I'm really having a hard time telling lately.)

I woke up Saturday happy it was Saturday.  And then I realized it was Thursday.  But it still took me all morning to "remember" this.  But then I woke up on Saturday and yay, Saturday!  But of course it was Friday.... which I had a hard time remembering for most of the day.  And then, of course, it was actually Saturday which really doesn't mean much these days, except people were talking about "Easter" and things and now here we are on Monday which I guess technically is "Easter Monday" and so still kind of a holiday..... on a long weekend but... I can't really tell and I'm not sure it felt like that. 

I know lots of folks are still working, so perhaps this is not as common as I might think, and I know the people doing renos or whatever it is they're doing on the building next door are back again this morning so it's certainly a "work day" for at least them.

But, um, yeah, that was a weird one... or still is a weird one.  A weird "long weekend" I mean.

Um, so... happy Monday (I'm pretty sure?!)

Hope you and yours are all happy, healthy and well.  Happy Spring....stuff/celebrations/events/holidays.

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