Saturday, 23 May 2020


As we navigate through these strange days, I am very grateful for the practitioners who are being very clear with their health and safety reopening protocols.

I've had a couple of places call and say "hey we're reopening on June 1st" and others email with a very detailed message about how they are working to keep clients and practitioners safe and well.  I know it's on me to ask for information from those who have not given it but that's a little stressful for me, and also not something I'm used to or in the habit of.  Plus we're all just figuring this out and I know my comfort level is different than that of others... I'm sure...

Anyway.  The places that are being very clear, and to my mind, very careful, I really appreciate.  I'm still not feeling up to making any appointments but it's nice to know who feels like a safe-ish place to consider going to.

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