Thursday, 14 May 2020


I legit have no idea how, but I have a pretty sore bruised (?) area on the top of my left foot!

I first discovered it yesterday (?) and I thought it was because I put my sandals on for the first time and they rubbed or something?  But then I put my sandals back on and they don't seem to hit that spot.

And then when I woke up today I noticed it seemed bruised but not the purple kind, the sort of off colour dark kind and now I'm sitting here honestly trying to remember if I dropped something on my foot?

Because it's entirely possible I did.  I can almost fathom a vague memory of going ouch and thinking "that will hurt" but I don't actually remember it so it might not have happened but um, yeah, I hurt the top of my foot somehow and I have absolutely no idea how and the fact that I might have dropped something on it and forgotten is actually pretty weird.

Know what I mean?


Jason Langlois said...

Or maybe you banged your foot against something like the bottom of a coffee table or the edge of a cupboard. I've done that a couple times in the last few months (you'd think being in my apartment so long, I'd know where everything is my memory, but apparently my feet don't agree). Not enough to bruise noticeably, but enough to feel it.

Victoria said...

I suppose??