Friday, 15 May 2020

Sorry Buddy!

I tried to help a spider.

(Photo unrelated, no spiders to see here!)

I went out to my car yesterday and there was a spider web, all nicely made, but one of the attachments was to my car.

I did not want the little fellow (lady?) to get dragged away with my car and end up who knows where so I carefully tried to destroy the web in a way that left it attached to the top of the car port parking thing and the post, but I felt SO BAD destroying the web!  I kept apologizing but it's hard to explain to a spider that you're actually trying to help.  I just feel like the poor little thing was like NOOOOOOOOO!  All my work!!!

I really hope that he/she made their web somewhere else, but when I go out to my car next, I'll take a look and see just in case they thought to try again there!

Anyway, I tried to help but I still felt mean... Sorry!!!

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